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DeVenne Insurance: Who We Are

DeVenne Insurance: Who We Are

As one of the nation’s premier insurance writers in the private ambulance industry, the professionals at DeVenne Insurance have decades of experience protecting ambulance service providers. Ambulance providers protect and respect their clients — just as DeVenne Insurance protects and respects your business in a complex operating environment. We are able to focus all of our efforts on serving the needs of private ambulance providers and can custom tailor a package for any size or type of organization in this space.

Deep Industry Understanding

The regulatory environment is always changing, with legislation being introduced on a regular basis that can impact the private ambulance industry. The personal service you will receive ensures that you have exactly the right coverage for your particular needs. Our loss control services are extensive and include a comprehensive eLearning website and safety DVDs, on-site safety audits, sexual harassment training, safety posters, EVOC training and more. Additionally, we offer fast responses on driver approvals upon request, an in-house claims advocate and annual benchmarking of the insurance industry to keep you informed.

Exclusive Carriers

Our high percentage of repeat clients share the value of exclusive carriers and claims advocates who are working for you on a daily basis. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to negotiate with the most progressive carriers and gain access to exceptional rates and terms. Carriers know us by name and are comfortable working with our insurance professionals due to the proactive nature of our business. We are always looking for ways to partner with carriers to provide our loyal clients with the best insurance solutions on the market.

Our services don't end once you receive your quote; instead, we are continually working throughout the year to add value to your organization through continuing education, safety recommendations, documentation and more.

Highly Competitive Rates

As one of the largest writers of private medical transportation in the country, we are able to negotiate highly favorable rates for our clients. Our services don’t end once you receive your quote; instead, we are continually working throughout the year to add value to your organization through continuing education, safety recommendations, documentation and more.

Built to Serve Your Business

Our core business is insuring medical transportation organizations. This means we are able to dig deep into regulatory requirements, create a proactive approach to preventing claims and help your business navigate through the complexities involved in medical transportation insurance. We work diligently to ensure that you are covered — regardless of the situation that your teams encounter in the field.

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See how DeVenne Insurance can help your organization by creating a unique package built specifically to fit your needs. Our highly-trained agents will first work to understand your business needs before making a recommendation on coverage. Contact us today at 614-945-4500 or via email to Let us protect you, just as you are protecting your community!

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